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Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness is one the most important aspects in holistic health.  Having a regular spiritual practice, such as meditation, keeps us conscious that we are much more than our physical bodies. This provides for a much broader perspective on life and the ability to live with true passion and purpose.

Natural Health

Natures medicine continues to be  among the most powerful tools used in disease prevention and treatment.  Incorporating essential oils into your daily life can help significantly reduce, repair and often reverse the affects of many ailments, while also contributing to your overall wellbeing.

Fitness and Nutrition

Because we literally are what we eat, it is extremely important to make the proper food choices in order for our bodies to thrive. Combining the appropriate natural and nutritious foods with exercise and daily activity is crucial in reaching our full potential at creating a life of optimal wellness.

Our Mission

TerraLife Wellness

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

As Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, we will work together to bring balance to important elements of your life, while providing guidance in areas of spirituality, relationships, career, and nutrition. We will tailor a wellness program to align with your individual needs in order to help you develop a deeper understanding of your connection to food and  lifestyle choices. As you set goals, we will provide ongoing support to help empower you to make sustainable life changes that will greatly  improve your overall health and happiness.

Kerr Smith

Co-founder, TerraLife Wellness

Lisa Smith

Co-founder, TerraLife Wellness

Discover Essential Oils


Diffuse lavender oil to benefit from its calming effects on anxiety, stress, tension, insomnia, depression, and to improve concentration.


Beneficial when used for allergies, asthma, congestion, flu, headache, fatigue, muscle cramps, heartburn and as a breath freshener.


Lemon Oil is used for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties as well as its ability to purify the air, detoxify, and aid in treating anxiety and depression.


Considered an ancient holy oil which can help with a variety of disorders including asthma, coughs, depression, brain injuries and inflammation.


Traditionally used to heal wounds and to aid in respiratory issues including congestion, bronchitis, coughs, flu and sinusitis.


Used topically to help with acne, allergies, candida, cold sores, ear infections, inflammation, rashes, shingles and sunburn.

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